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Hi! I've been tagged by :iconavatar239: to answer some questions so... here you go!

1. Are you a brony?
Yes. Yes I am.
2. What is your favorite movie?
That's hard to tell. There are so many great movies out there! But currently, it's probably Avengers.
3. What is your favorite T.V. show?
Again, many awesome ones. But I'd say over all, it's Big Bang Theory.
4. How many movies do you think you have?
Legally? One. Other? Countless.
5. What is your earliest memory?
My grandpas funeral. My mom gave me some flowers to throw them in and I did. Then I was all out of flowers so I picked some daisies and threw them in, too. Then I was satisfied.
Yeah, I didn't really get the situation back then...
6. How many siblings do you have?
Two, one little brother and a bigger sister.
7. What is your favorite holiday?
Christmas. But Halloween, Carnival and book fair (and Comicon if we had that here) are also in my Top 5. I really love the whole of Christmas, but I'm a huge fan of cosplaying, too.
8. How many people are in your family?
Depends. Immediate kin, four. My mother and us kids. Extended eight 'cause my uncle, his wife and their kids count in, too. And on the jerk's side of the family, I got some more uncles, aunts and cousins but I really don't know how many and I don't really care either since they don't count. Same goes for my sister's father and siblings since they aren't technically related to me. Still to me they're closer than anyone from my father's side...
So, long thing short: Eight. Those eight are the ones who'll celebrate with me, too.
9. What would be your dream present?
A dishwasher.
10. Do you like JB?
Hell no!

So, there you have it. Do I have to tag someone now, too? Well, I'll just do.
Okay, I tag: :iconseerlover233: :iconmortalanonymous: :iconblueninjahcat97:

The questions are:
1. What was the last cartoon you watched?
2. Are you already done with all your Christmas shopping?
3. What's your favourite Disney movie?
4. What pairing do you despise the most?
5. Have you ever dreamed something before Christmas and it became true?
6. What's the worst thing about the internet?
7. What's your greatest wish for Christmas?
8. What do you think of Darkwing Duck?
9. Have you ever played Portal?
10. Why can't I think of better questions?

Have fun with it!


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Das ist die legendärste Szene der gesamten SERIE!!! Daher hab ich mich gerade sehr über deinen Namen kaputtgelacht, hahaha, genialer Nick! :D :)   (Auf Platz 2 wäre wohl die Userin "BloodyVagina" hier... ^^)
Und sogar das Bild hast du dazu...! :O Hahahahaha :DDD 
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